We didn’t start with designing a collection of ready to wear. We didn’t take the normal path of bringing our collections to you.

Doré got its start as an entertainment fashion company. We have made dancers, ice dancers, NBA dance teams, entertainers, movies and TV shows sparkle brighter and more secure as they perform for years. In 1979, there was a need for a single shirt–a design for a cha cha performance. From that first custom designed, custom produced piece, we grew to thousands of custom pieces a year. We are the worlds largest producer of custom ballroom dance dresses seen on champion dancers across the globe.

It is an amazing experience, having a dress designed just for you and made to your measurements. Our customers were the impetus for our expansion. “Can you make me a cocktail dress, wedding dress, etc.?” We knew how to fit and design. The question was only how far do we take this.

With the first evening gown collection, launched in 2012, we stepped into couture mainstream fashion. In 2014, we introduced the first separates and new fabrics in the F/W 2014 runway show during New York Fashion Week. From that collection grew the Ready to Wear line, and it followed by the S/S 2015 launch in August and October. We are excited to present a collection that offers women the opportunity to wear pieces with a remarkable feel and fit. There are pieces to wear all the time and pieces that you will cherish for years. Many have special touches that only an old-school couture house can offer.

Our woman knows who she is and where she is going. She is an empowered female who can handle the boardroom, a soccer game, a cocktail party and the red carpet with ease. With Dore, she is confident in showing not only her strong side, but also her feminine and vulnerable side.

We look forward to seeing you come back to our site time and time again. We know you will love our clothes.

Dawn Smart

My company isn’t typical and I am not either. I was determined at age 3 to be a dress designer. I loved clothes, colors, fabrics and as soon as I was old enough to sit at a machine and reach the pedal, I was sewing my own clothes. I drew clothes all the time, much to my parents dismay, as they were overly revealing and a bit ahead of their time. But then I grew up. Life takes you on the path you are supposed to be on and mine involved Organic Chemistry and Psychology. I dragged my sewing machine from apartment to apartment, but it was mostly dusty. After receiving a degree in Psychology from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I found myself at a local dance studio one night. And it was as if the world stood still. I had found my new passion, and a new career.

Dancing was and is a wonderful thing, and it closed the circle for me. My trusty, dusty sewing machine went back to work. There were dresses to make so I could compete and dresses for my friends. I taught, competed, ran a studio and then one day had to have knee surgery. Ultimately, coming off the floor brought me to Dore in 1999. It was to be temporary, I would design and rep their line. I became President CEO and owner in 2007. And the primary designer. It’s definitely not temporary.

I am influenced by so many icons. Diane Von Furstenburg was the first designer I followed, the ease of her wrap dresses and the joy of her textiles thrilled me. Oscar de la Renta, with his clear focus and purpose of his lines, is the first collection I check each season. And Michael Kors’ sense of business and clarity in his collections, is the runway I enjoy the most.

The staff at Dore is beyond my hopes and dreams, deep in talent and proficiency, and beyond in their dedication to our brand. They have my heart and I am so grateful for all that they do.